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Kolkata Bhetki (Whole Fish 1Kg-1.25Kg)- Bengali Cut with Head (Available in morning slot)

1050.00 / N/A gm 950.00 / N/A gm No. of Fish : 1 Unit

Bhetki, also known as Barramundi or Asian Seabass, is West Bengals queen of seafood which outclasses all that is available on both coasts of India. Bhetki is rich in  omega-3 fatty acids and  is a lean source of high quality protein. It has a very light and sheer taste. Due to is versatility, this fish is perfect for making fish fry, fish curry, pan sear or simply steam.

This product can be served fresh or frozen depending on the availability.

Note: The actual weight may be slightly less than the mentioned weight as the whole fish is weighed first and cleaned afterwards.

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